“I could buy designer but…” (Fashion Nova Haul)

This was my first time ordering from ‘Fashion Nova’- and initially I was a little skeptical. Here is my reasoning – everything is SO cheap yet SO cute. Not to say that cute things can’t be cheap BUT sometimes the quality isn’t always right. There were a lot of styles on this site which replicated, in their own way, expensive clothing brand attire, which I thought seemed cool. I knew that a lot of celebrities stood behind this company, giving it reputation and credibility¬† – “that Fashion Nova fit” – Cardi B – so I decided to just go all in and see for myself.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Below are images of a FEW outfits.

Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset

Fashion Nova Black Romper with Cut-out

Processed with VSCO with av4 preset


Processed with VSCO with fs16 preset

This Fashion Nova outfit was actually a long body suit with pant legs- I, however, had them cut into shorts.

Processed with VSCO with av8 presetIMG_2064



White Fashion Nova with cut-out



Processed with VSCO with av4 preset


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